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New York City

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new york city/busy brooklyn bridge year opened 1883
Busy Brooklyn Bridge the year it opened, 1883
new york city/wall streets tontine coffee house late 1700s
Wall Street's Tontine Coffee House in the late 1700s
new york city/quaker new amsterdam 1600s
Quaker in New Amsterdam, 1600s
new york city/brooklyn bridge new york city 1883
Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, 1883
new york city/colonial new york harbor 1667
Colonial New York harbor, 1667
new york city/new amsterdam canal 1600s
New Amsterdam canal, 1600s
new york city/brooklyn bridge newly opened 1883
Brooklyn Bridge when newly opened, 1883
maps/manhattan map 1780s
Manhattan map, 1780s
maps/new york city map 1767
New York City map, 1767
new york city/busn2a 00043
new york city/husg2a 00002
new york city/immigrant waiting room ellis island circa 1900
Immigrant waiting-room at Ellis Island, circa 1900
new york city/peter stuyvesant new amsterdam
Peter Stuyvesant in New Amsterdam
new york city/wiring new york city electricity 1880s
Wiring New York City for electricity, 1880s
new york city/homeless boys sleeping alley 1890s
Homeless boys sleeping in an alley, 1890s
new york city/peter minuit buying manhattan island dutch colony
Peter Minuit buying Manhattan Island for a Dutch colony
new york city/new amsterdam mid 1600s
New Amsterdam, mid-1600s
new york city/new netherland surrendered english 1664
New Netherland surrendered to the English, 1664
new york city/syrian immigrants new york city 1890s
Syrian immigrants in New York City, 1890s
new york city/jewish immigrants new york city 1890s
Jewish immigrants in New York City, 1890s
new york city/brooklyn ferry manhattan shore 1700s
Brooklyn Ferry on the Manhattan shore, 1700s
new york city/colonial seafarers new york 1700s
Colonial seafarers in New York, 1700s
new york city/posting wall street new amsterdam 1600s
Posting Wall Street in New Amsterdam, 1600s
new york city/new amsterdam mid 1600s
New Amsterdam in the mid-1600s
new york city/dutch settlers arriving new amsterdam
Dutch settlers arriving in New Amsterdam
new york city/dutch colonists early new amsterdam
Dutch colonists in early New Amsterdam
new york city/standard oil company headquarters new york city
Standard Oil Company headquarters, New York City, 1880s
occupations/abandoned baby police new york city 1890s
Abandoned baby found by police, New York City, 1890s
native americans/nati2a 00163
maps/new york harbor chart 1733
New York harbor chart, 1733
maps/manhattan map 1789
Manhattan map, 1789
maps/manhattan 1767
Manhattan in 1767
french history/statue liberty built paris
Statue of Liberty being built in Paris
fooddrink/italian immigrants new york city 1890s
Italian immigrants in New York City, 1890s
new york city/busn2a 00016
new york city/busn2a 00246
new york city/new york ledger newspaper ad late 1800s
New York Ledger newspaper ad, late 1800s
new york city/busn2a 00077
new york city/pushcarts fruit vendors new york city
Pushcarts of fruit vendors in New York City
new york city/busn2a 00258
new york city/castle garden arrival immigrants 1870s
Castle Garden arrival of immigrants, 1870s
new york city/evrv2a 00093
new york city/washington entering new york city british evacuation
Washington entering New York City after British evacuation, 1783
new york city/husg2a 00007
new york city/husg2a 00048
new york city/ellis island immigrants hoping enter
Ellis Island immigrants hoping to enter the US
new york city/hopeful immigrants port new york 1800s
Hopeful immigrants in the port of New York, 1800s
new york city/ellis island port entry european immigrants
Ellis Island, port of entry for European immigrants, 1903
new york city/husg2a 00018
new york city/immigrants america asking directions
Immigrants to America asking directions
new york city/husg2a 00049
new york city/busy telegraph office new york city 1860s
Busy telegraph office in New York City, 1860s
new york city/blackwells island lunatic asylum new york city
Blackwell's Island Lunatic Asylum, New York City, 1860s
new york city/pusa2a 00070
new york city/brooklyn bridge opened president chester arthur
Brooklyn Bridge opened by President Chester Arthur
new york city/lincoln election results displayed new york city
Lincoln election results displayed in New York City, 1860
new york city/ppre2a 00245
new york city/underground wiring laid new york city 1882
Underground wiring laid in New York City, 1882
new york city/italian immigrants tenement new york city 1870s
Italian immigrants' tenement in New York City, 1870s
new york city/childrens aid society dining hall 1800s
Children's Aid Society dining-hall, 1800s
new york city/irish immigrant shantytown new york city
Irish immigrant shantytown in New York City
new york city/erie canal boats wintering new york harbor
Erie Canal boats wintering in New York harbor
new york city/bowling game new netherland
Bowling game in New Netherland
new york city/rush hour manhattan elevated railroad station
Rush hour at a Manhattan elevated railroad station, 1890
new york city/customs inspectors checking steamship passenger
Customs inspectors checking steamship passenger luggage
new york city/native american longhouses manhattan island
Native American longhouses on Manhattan Island
new york city/crowded streets new york city 1880s
Crowded streets of New York City, 1880s
new york city/broadway new york city 1890s
Broadway, New York City, 1890s
new york city/immigrant neighborhood new york city early 1900s
Immigrant neighborhood in New York City, early 1900s
new york city/crowded streets new york city 1870s
Crowded streets of New York City, 1870s
new york city/wealthy new yorkers afternoon stroll 1880s
Wealthy New Yorkers out for an afternoon stroll, 1880s
new york city/cargo ship new york city wharf 1870s
Cargo ship at a New York City wharf, 1870s
new york city/new amsterdam 1600s
New Amsterdam, 1600s
new york city/seaport new york city 1670s
Seaport of New York City, 1670s
new york city/dutch turning new amsterdam english 1670s
Dutch turning New Amsterdam over to the English, 1670s
new york city/south street docks new york city 1870s
South Street docks in New York City, 1870s
new york city/crowds broadway new york city 1880s
Crowds on Broadway, New York City, 1880s
new york city/times square night 1900
Times Square at night, about 1900
new york city/wagons new york city early 1900s
Wagons in New York City, early 1900s
new york city/new york city skyscrapers circa 1900
New York City skyscrapers, circa 1900
new york city/manhattan island farm shipyard 1600s
Manhattan Island farm and shipyard, 1600s
new york city/manhattan island late 1700s
Manhattan Island in the late 1700s
new york city/erie canal boats new york city dock
Erie Canal boats at their New York City dock
new york city/central park new york city 1880s
Central Park in New York City, 1880s
new york city/new york harbor 1850s
New York harbor, 1850s
new york city/statue liberty arriving new york france
Statue of Liberty arriving in New York from France
new york city/new york city day washingtons first inauguration
New York City on the day of Washington's first inauguration
new york city/busy new york harbor 1880s
Busy New York harbor, 1880s
new york city/electric lights new york city 1880s
Electric lights in New York City, 1880s
new york city/dutch west india company warehouse new amsterdam
Dutch West India Company warehouse in New Amsterdam
new york city/stockade wall street
Stockade which became Wall Street
occupations/school poor children brooklyn 1870
School for poor children in Brooklyn, 1870
governmentpolitics/suffragettes new york city 1911
Suffragettes in New York City, 1911
governmentpolitics/parade manhattan celebrating new constitution
Parade in Manhattan celebrating the new US Constitution
maps/usny2a 00037
governmentpolitics/suffragettes new york city 1912
Suffragettes in New York City, 1912
governmentpolitics/communist demonstration broken new york police
Communist demonstration broken up by New York police
holidayscelebrations/statue liberty inaugurated new york harbor 1886
Statue of Liberty inaugurated in New York harbor, 1886
french history/statue liberty prepared ship paris 1884
Statue of Liberty prepared to ship from Paris, 1884
fooddrink/dutch colonial tavern new amsterdam
Dutch colonial tavern in New Amsterdam
businesscommerce/traders outside new york stock exchange 1912
Traders outside the New York Stock Exchange, 1912
american history/suffragette parade leaders new york city 1912
Suffragette parade leaders in New York City, 1912