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animalswildlife/prehistoric cave art bull altamira spain
Prehistoric cave art of a bull, Altamira, Spain
#media dmcs-5878525
music art/richard wagner
Richard Wagner
#media dmcs-5882957
music art/pmus2c 00002
#media dmcs-5882969
music art/johannes brahms
Johannes Brahms
#media dmcs-5882868
music art/franz liszt
Franz Liszt
#media dmcs-5883063
music art/pianist franz liszt
Pianist Franz Liszt
#media dmcs-5882956
music art/schubert
#media dmcs-5882965
music art/chopin profile
Chopin profile
#media dmcs-5882963
music art/beethoven
#media dmcs-5882946
animalswildlife/prehistoric cave art horse foal altamira spain
Prehistoric cave art of a horse with foal, Altamira, Spain
#media dmcs-5878521
music art/pmus2p 00014
#media dmcs-5883083
music art/johann sebastian bach scenes life
Johann Sebastian Bach, with scenes from his life
#media dmcs-5882864
music art/leonardo da vinci sketch siege machine
Leonardo da Vinci sketch for a siege machine
#media dmcs-5882982
music art/busn2a 00110
#media dmcs-5882832
european history/mozart sister playing empress maria theresa
Mozart and his sister playing for Empress Maria Theresa
#media dmcs-5880571
ancient history/musician priest king ancient greece
Musician, priest, and king of ancient Greece
#media dmcs-5878084
music art/french colonists illinois
French colonists in Illinois
#media dmcs-5883077
music art/hawaiian women dancing hula 1800s
Hawaiian women dancing the hula, 1800s
#media dmcs-5883065
music art/young chopin
Young Chopin
#media dmcs-5882976
music art/leonardo da vinci drawing canal dredge
Leonardo da Vinci drawing of a canal dredge
#media dmcs-5882970
music art/jacques offenbach
Jacques Offenbach
#media dmcs-5882945
music art/church choir singing hymns
Church choir singing hymns
#media dmcs-5882939
music art/tchaikovsky
#media dmcs-5882919
music art/michelangelo
#media dmcs-5882916
music art/dancing couple early 1800s
Dancing couple, early 1800s
#media dmcs-5882869
music art/ball tuxedo new york circa 1900
A ball in Tuxedo, New York, circa 1900
#media dmcs-5882859
music art/chopin
#media dmcs-5882850
music art/dancing minuet 1700s
Dancing the minuet, 1700s
#media dmcs-5882837
holidayscelebrations/christmas bell ringers england 1700s
Christmas bell-ringers in England, 1700s
#media dmcs-5882301
european history/medieval juggler minstrels
Medieval juggler and minstrels
#media dmcs-5880537
animalswildlife/altamira spain cave painting buffalo
Altamira, Spain, cave painting of a buffalo
#media dmcs-5878537
animalswildlife/prehistoric cave art wild boar altamira spain
Prehistoric cave art of a wild boar, Altamira, Spain
#media dmcs-5878531
africa history/african drums 1800s
African drums, 1800s
#media dmcs-5876176
music art/choir singing protestant church
Choir singing in a Protestant church
#media dmcs-5883093
music art/carl maria von weber
Carl Maria von Weber
#media dmcs-5883089
music art/hset2a 00044
#media dmcs-5882998
music art/clara schumann
Clara Schumann
#media dmcs-5882985
music art/portrait sculptor auguste rodin digitally
#media dmcs-5882984
music art/carl maria von weber
Carl Maria von Weber
#media dmcs-5882983
music art/robert schumanns birthplace
Robert Schumann's birthplace
#media dmcs-5882981
music art/part2a 00063
#media dmcs-5882980
music art/architect charles bulfinch
Architect Charles Bulfinch
#media dmcs-5882978
music art/pmus2p 00002
#media dmcs-5882975
music art/chopin
#media dmcs-5882972
music art/hungarian composer conductor franz liszt
#media dmcs-5882968
music art/part2a 00013
#media dmcs-5882966
music art/part2a 00001
#media dmcs-5882964
music art/young franz liszt
Young Franz Liszt
#media dmcs-5882962
music art/richard wagner
Richard Wagner
#media dmcs-5882953


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