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Naval battle off Puerto Rico, Spanish-American War Featured Military history Image

Naval battle off Puerto Rico, Spanish-American War

U.S. Navy cruiser "St Paul" shelling Spanish destroyer "Terror" off San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1898.
Hand-colored halftone reproduction of a 19th-century illustration

© North Wind Picture Archives

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PNAV2A-00033 Featured Military history Image


Us Navy squadron commanded by Matthew Perry sailing for Japan, 1852: USS Susquehannah, Saratoga, St Mary's, a supply ship, Plymouth, Perry in rowboat, Mississippi, and Princeton (left to right).
Hand-colored woodcut of an 1850s illustration

© North Wind Picture Archives

1800s, 1850s, 1852, 19th Century, Art, Asia, Battle Ship, Commander Perry, Diplomacy, Historic, History, Illustration, Japan, Maritime, Matthew Perry, Military, Naval Ship, Navy, Ocean, Opening Japan, Pacific, Pacific Ocean, Sailing, Sailing Ship, Sea, Ship, Steam Ship, Trade, Treaty, United States, Us A, Us Fleet, Vintage, Voyage, War Ship

EVRV2D-00113 Featured Military history Image


French soldier cleaning his musket at a reenactment on the Yorktown Battlefield, Virginia.
Digital photograph of a National Park Service event at Yorktown Battlefield on the 225th anniversary of the surrender

© N.Carter/North Wind Picture Archives

1700s, 1781, 18th Century, Alliance, Ally, American, American Revolution, Army, Battle, Battle Field, Battle Of Yorktown, Camp, Chore, Flintlock, French, Gun, Hand, Historic, History, Infantry, Living History, Military, Musket, National Park, North America, Revolution, Revolutionary War, Soldier, Uniform, United States, Us A, Vintage, Virginia, War, Weapon, Yorktown