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india asia/sri lanka upper class 1800s
Sri Lanka upper class, 1800s
#media dmcs-5880843
india asia/gasi2a 00006
#media dmcs-5881469
india asia/mongol nomads moving camp
Mongol nomads moving camp
#media dmcs-5881439
india asia/mongol horseman
Mongol horseman
#media dmcs-5881441
india asia/merchant ship attacked chinese pirates
Merchant ship attacked by Chinese pirates
#media dmcs-5881710
india asia/gasi2a 00011
#media dmcs-5881151
india asia/plowing rice paddies water buffalo
Plowing rice paddies with water buffalo
#media dmcs-5881161
india asia/japanese taking port arthur 1894
Japanese taking Port Arthur, 1894
#media dmcs-5881399
india asia/gasi2a 00067
#media dmcs-5881025
india asia/vapor trailing mt mayon philippines
Vapor trailing from Mt. Mayon, Philippines
#media dmcs-5880895
india asia/siberian tartar woman russian mongol couple
Siberian Tartar woman and a Russian Mongol couple
#media dmcs-5881431
india asia/tartars russia
Tartars of Russia
#media dmcs-5881427
india asia/chinese farmers planting rice
Chinese farmers planting rice
#media dmcs-5881163
india asia/burmese womens native attire
Burmese women's native attire
#media dmcs-5881093
india asia/feast thugs india 1800s
Feast of the Thugs in India, 1800s
#media dmcs-5880899
india asia/making silk early china
Making silk in early China
#media dmcs-5882920
india asia/panc2a 00076
#media dmcs-5881750
india asia/pasi2a 00001
#media dmcs-5881736
india asia/pasi2a 00002
#media dmcs-5881726
india asia/pexp2a 00048
#media dmcs-5881720
india asia/pasi2a 00004
#media dmcs-5881716
india asia/president hayes receiving first chinese ambassador
President Hayes receiving the first Chinese ambassador to the US
#media dmcs-5881706
india asia/japanese ladies traditional clothing
Japanese ladies in traditional clothing
#media dmcs-5881485
india asia/gasi2a 00008
#media dmcs-5881477
india asia/gasi2a 00007
#media dmcs-5881473
india asia/japanese ladies old regime
Japanese ladies of the Old Regime
#media dmcs-5881465
india asia/gasi2a 00005
#media dmcs-5881455
india asia/gasi2a 00001
#media dmcs-5881451
india asia/first diplomatic mission japan 1856
First US diplomatic mission to Japan, 1856
#media dmcs-5881447
india asia/india coast 1459
India coast, 1459
#media dmcs-5881423
india asia/vision chinas fabulous civilization marco
Vision of China's fabulous civilization in Marco Polo's time
#media dmcs-5881419
india asia/evnt2a 00313
#media dmcs-5881411
india asia/soldiers philippines spanish american war 1899
US soldiers in the Philippines after the Spanish-American War, 1899
#media dmcs-5881407
india asia/evnt2a 00200
#media dmcs-5881403
india asia/evnt2a 00172
#media dmcs-5881391
india asia/opium wars china 1800s
Opium Wars in China, 1800s
#media dmcs-5881387
india asia/busn2a 00163
#media dmcs-5881381
india asia/chinese worker businessman
Chinese worker and businessman
#media dmcs-5881189
india asia/mekong river village 1800s
Mekong River village in the 1800s
#media dmcs-5881183
india asia/colonial battle french indo china 1800s
Colonial battle in French Indo-China, 1800s
#media dmcs-5881169
india asia/elephant fight sport british colonial india
Elephant-fight for sport in British colonial India
#media dmcs-5881143
india asia/black hole calcutta 1756
Black Hole of Calcutta, 1756
#media dmcs-5881137
india asia/japanese emperor mutsuhito 1890s
Japanese emperor Mutsuhito, 1890s
#media dmcs-5881131
india asia/japanese emperor komei palace kyoto 1850s
Japanese emperor Komei in his palace at Kyoto, 1850s
#media dmcs-5881127
india asia/gasi2a 00022
#media dmcs-5881121
india asia/natives malaysia celebes
Natives of Malaysia and the Celebes
#media dmcs-5881117
india asia/people india traditional attire
People of India in traditional attire
#media dmcs-5881115
india asia/vietnamese buddhist clergy
Vietnamese Buddhist clergy
#media dmcs-5881113
india asia/traditional styles vietnamese tonkin
Traditional styles of Vietnamese from Tonkin
#media dmcs-5881111


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