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6 Dec 2011

Browse our 6 Dec 2011 collection featuring 1827 photos

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1827 Items

british history/scotland map 1870s
Scotland map, 1870s
ancient history/ancient greece colonies aegean
Ancient Greece and its colonies around the Aegean
british history/bayeaux tapestry portraying norman conquest
Bayeaux Tapestry portraying the Norman Conquest
british history/map england 1066
Map of England in 1066
ancient history/map britain 597 ad
Map of Britain in 597 AD
british history/william orange battle boyne 1668
William of Orange at the Battle of the Boyne, 1668
ancient history/map ancient rome
Map of ancient Rome
canadian history/vancouver island map 1870s
Vancouver Island map, 1870s
british history/map england 1800s
Map of England, 1800s
ancient history/map roman empire
Map of the Roman Empire
british history/british army advancing battle waterloo 1815
British army advancing at the Battle of Waterloo, 1815
maps/mideast map crusades
Mideast map during the Crusades
ancient history/hanging gardens babylon
Hanging Gardens of Babylon
british history/ireland map 1870s
Ireland map, 1870s
british history/ggbr2a 00076
ancient history/regions italy roman empire
Regions of Italy in the Roman Empire
ancient history/roman empire circa 200 ad
Roman Empire, circa 200 AD
ancient history/map europe roman empire
Map of Europe under the Roman Empire
british history/oliver cromwell edgehill english civil war
Oliver Cromwell at Edgehill, English Civil War
ancient history/ancient greek empire
Ancient Greek empire
british history/celtic bronze swords
Celtic bronze swords
ancient history/hair styles roman ladies
Hair styles of Roman ladies
british history/shrewsbury england 1500s
Shrewsbury, England, in the 1500s
british history/coal england 1850s
Coal mine in England, 1850s
ancient history/pyramids nile
Pyramids along the Nile
ancient history/statue athena parthenon ancient athens
Statue of Athena in the Parthenon of ancient Athens
ancient history/map ancient palestine kingdoms judah israel
Map of ancient Palestine kingdoms of Judah and Israel
ancient history/mycenae ancient greece circa 1400 bc
Mycenae in ancient Greece, circa 1400 BC
maps/american indian tribe locations 1715
American Indian tribe locations in 1715
british history/duke wellington arthur wellesley
Duke of Wellington, Arthur Wellesley
british history/druids collecting sacred mistletoe
Druids collecting sacred mistletoe
ancient history/battle cannae plan 216 bc
Battle of Cannae plan, 216 BC
maps/proy2a 00017
maps/american indian tribe locations 1700
American Indian tribe locations about 1700
canadian history/newfoundland 1870s
Newfoundland, 1870s
british history/gladstone
british history/british viceroy india entering delhi 1902
British Viceroy of India entering Delhi, 1902
ancient history/doric ionic corinthian columns
Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns
ancient history/extent persian empire
Extent of the Persian empire
ancient history/greek urn
Greek urn
native americans/pnat2p 00002
native americans/crow chief
Crow chief
home life/backyard carnival 1800s
Backyard carnival, 1800s
india asia/gasi2a 00006
india asia/mongol horseman
Mongol horseman
british history/hous2a 00137
british history/british flags coat arms
British flags and coat of arms
animalswildlife/prehistoric cave art bull altamira spain
Prehistoric cave art of a bull, Altamira, Spain
ancient history/panc2a 00003
ancient history/maps italy ancient times
Maps of Italy in ancient times
ancient history/gladiator roman arena
Gladiator in a Roman arena
ancient history/jewish high priest levite ancient israel
Jewish high priest and Levite in ancient Israel
native americans/pnat2a 00002
presidentsfirst ladies/abraham lincoln
Abraham Lincoln
ancient history/caesar leading roman army rubicon
Caesar leading the Roman army across the Rubicon
french history/visigoths romans defeating huns chalons
Visigoths and Romans defeating the Huns at Chalons
india asia/mongol nomads moving camp
Mongol nomads moving camp
european history/viking raid olaf i
Viking raid under Olaf I
british history/treaty bretigny territory settlements 1360
Treaty of Bretigny territory settlements, 1360
british history/druid carrying mistletoe
Druid carrying mistletoe
animalswildlife/prehistoric cave art horse foal altamira spain
Prehistoric cave art of a horse with foal, Altamira, Spain
ancient history/panc2a 00011
ancient history/hippocrates father medicine
Hippocrates, the "Father of Medicine"
ancient history/sun god ra daily journey ancient egypt
Sun-god Ra on his daily journey, ancient Egypt
ancient history/ancient mesopotamia
Ancient Mesopotamia
ancient history/dionysus bacchus throne
Dionysus, or Bacchus, on his throne
ancient history/women ancient greece
Women of ancient Greece
ancient history/map peloponnesus ancient greece
Map of the Peloponnesus of ancient Greece
ancient history/great temple thebes ancient egypt
Great temple at Thebes, ancient Egypt
ancient history/chariot race ancient rome
Chariot race in ancient Rome
ancient history/ancient phoenician traders port
Ancient Phoenician traders in port
ancient history/helen troy wife menelaus taken greece
Helen of Troy, wife of Menelaus, taken from Greece
mideast history/church holy sepulcher jerusalem
Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem
ancient history/panc2a 00037
royalsrulers/oliver cromwell english civil war
Oliver Cromwell, English Civil War
native americans/pnat2a 00041
native americans/wolf skins disguising native american hunters
Wolf-skins disguising Native American hunters
native americans/blackfeet horsemen 1850s
Blackfeet horsemen, 1850s
native americans/nati2a 00094
mideast history/ottoman turk soldiers early 1700s
Ottoman Turk soldiers, early 1700s
french history/marguerite navarres coat arms
Marguerite de Navarre's coat of arms
mideast history/palestinian women jerusalem 1800s
Palestinian women in Jerusalem, 1800s
french history/proy2a 00005
mideast history/armenian girl syrian men
Armenian girl and Syrian men
canadian history/canada map 1870s
Canada map, 1870s
british history/women tudor england
Women of Tudor England
british history/westminster abbey london
Westminster Abbey, London
ancient history/plato aristotle
Plato and Aristotle
ancient history/germanic invasion stopped fiesole 406 ad
Germanic invasion stopped at Fiesole, 406 AD
ancient history/egyptian deities separating night day
Egyptian deities separating night and day
ancient history/road ancient athens eleusis
Road from ancient Athens to Eleusis
american west/rowdy cowboys
Rowdy cowboys
american west/bronco rider
Bronco rider
india asia/gasi2a 00011
european history/proy2a 00114
ancient history/panc2a 00033
ancient history/ancient greeks holding pass thermopylae 480 bc
Ancient Greeks holding the pass of Thermopylae, 480 BC
ancient history/mongol soldiers demonstrating horsemanship
Mongol soldiers demonstrating their horsemanship
royalsrulers/elizabeth i england
Elizabeth I of England


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