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5 Dec 2011

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maps/expl2a 00352
exploration/united states 1860
United States in 1860
exploration/viking ship sea
Viking ship at sea
africa history/map cape colony south africa
Map of Cape Colony, South Africa
american history/united states 1870s
United States in the 1870s
latin americacaribbean/caribbean islands 1870s
Caribbean islands, 1870s
civil war us/pcwr3p 00006
exploration/sir richard burton india 1800s
Sir Richard Burton in India, 1800s
civil war us/medical kit civil war 1860s
Medical kit in the Civil War, 1860s
africa history/expl2a 00139
civil war us/nathan bedford forrest
Nathan Bedford Forrest
civil war us/general lee general jackson chancellorsville
General Lee and General Jackson before Chancellorsville, US Civil War
civil war us/battle bull run civil war
Battle of Bull Run, US Civil War
american history/united states civil war
United States during the Civil War
africa history/gafr2a 00049
civil war us/battle mobile bay civil war 1864
Battle of Mobile Bay, Civil War, 1864
civil war us/map second battle bull run 1862
Map of the Second Battle of Bull Run, 1862
civil war us/evcw2a 00100
american history/expl2a 00164
africa history/gafr2a 00051
africa history/gafr2a 00050
religion/pexp2a 00059
exploration/schwatkas discovery franklin expedition grave
Schwatka's discovery of Franklin expedition grave, 1880
exploration/sir richard burton young man
Sir Richard Burton as a young man
civil war us/civil war cavalry skirmish
Civil War cavalry skirmish
civil war us/pcwr2a 00014
civil war us/washington dc civil war
Washington DC during the Civil War
civil war us/evcw2a 00019
civil war us/battle wilderness civil war 1864
Battle of the Wilderness, Civil War, 1864
civil war us/flag fort sumter 1861
Flag of Fort Sumter, 1861
canadian history/expl2a 00284
american history/territorial acquisition 1800s
US territorial acquisition during the 1800s
american revolution/evrv2a 00074
american revolution/prev2a 00115
american revolution/ethan allen
Ethan Allen
american revolution/evrv2a 00216
africa history/dr livingstones african servants 1800s
Dr Livingstone's African servants, 1800s
exploration/captain cook killed hawaiian natives 1779
Captain Cook killed by Hawaiian natives, 1779
maps/expl2a 00065
latin americacaribbean/rio janeiro 1700
Rio de Janeiro about 1700
latin americacaribbean/brazilian cannibalism 1500s
Brazilian cannibalism, 1500s
latin americacaribbean/incas battling spanish conquistadors peru
Incas battling Spanish conquistadors in Peru
exploration/daniel boone
Daniel Boone
exploration/behaims 1492 globe showing round earth new world
Behaim's 1492 globe showing a round Earth but no New World
civil war us/general meades council war gettysburg
General Meade's council of war at Gettysburg
civil war us/layout fort sumter outset civil war
Layout of Fort Sumter at the outset of the Civil War
american history/growth united states 1853
Growth of the United States to 1853
american history/western frontier early 1800s
Western US frontier, early 1800s
africa history/african drums 1800s
African drums, 1800s
africa history/gafr2a 00001
africa history/vasco da gamas route africa 1400s
Vasco da Gama's route around Africa, 1400s
shipssea history/ship explorer james cook 1700s
Ship of explorer James Cook, 1700s
maps/expl2a 00138
maps/expl2a 00317
maps/expl2a 00353
latin americacaribbean/expl2a 00177
latin americacaribbean/expl2a 00294
exploration/dutch map new netherland new england
Dutch map of New Netherland and New England
exploration/french map great lakes 1703
French map of the Great Lakes, 1703
exploration/expl2a 00245
exploration/kerguelen islands visited british ship 1870s
Kerguelen Islands visited by a British ship, 1870s
exploration/map desotos route 1540s
Map of DeSoto's route, 1540s
exploration/captain cook landing south pacific island 1770s
Captain Cook landing on a South Pacific island, 1770s
exploration/mariana islands pacific discovered magellan 1521
Mariana Islands in the Pacific discovered by Magellan, 1521
exploration/gonzalo jimenez quesada
Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada
exploration/death columbus
Death of Columbus
exploration/fleet viking raiders middle ages
Fleet of Viking raiders in the Middle Ages
exploration/expl2a 00014
exploration/expl2a 00001
exploration/expl2a 00061
exploration/magellans route pacific
Magellan's route across the Pacific
civil war us/confederate surrender appomattox 1865
Confederate surrender at Appomattox, 1865
civil war us/troop train taking union soldiers
Troop train taking Union soldiers to the front
civil war us/confederate soldiers action battle chickamauga
Confederate soldiers in action, Battle of Chickamauga
civil war us/picketts charge battle gettysburg
Pickett's Charge, Battle of Gettysburg
canadian history/vikings discovering vinland
Vikings discovering Vinland
canadian history/champlains settlement nova scotia 1600s
Champlain's settlement in Nova Scotia, 1600s
canadian history/expl2a 00325
american history/united states 1825
United States in 1825
american history/northwest territory map
Northwest Territory map
american history/western frontier 1880s
Western frontier in the 1880s
american revolution/battle long island new york revolutionary war
Battle of Long Island, New York, Revolutionary War
american revolution/pine tree flag american revolution
Pine Tree flag of the American Revolution
american revolution/americans gaining french alliance revolutionary
Americans gaining French alliance in the Revolutionary War
american revolution/american general henry knox
American General Henry Knox
american revolution/prev2a 00036
american revolution/evrv2a 00182
africa history/african ivory trade 1800s
African ivory trade, 1800s
africa history/congo river wildlife
Congo River wildlife
africa history/gafr2a 00014
africa history/busy cairo street late 1800s
Busy Cairo street in the late 1800s
africa history/gafr2a 00021
africa history/sir richard burton exploring central africa 1850s
Sir Richard Burton exploring central Africa, 1850s
world placeshistorical views/coats arms nations 1800s
Coats of arms of some nations, 1800s
shipssea history/expl2a 00095
shipssea history/expl2a 00094
shipssea history/expl2a 00075
shipssea history/expl2a 00188
shipssea history/sea darkness
Sea of Darkness


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