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american history/debating constitution 1787
Debating the US Constitution, 1787
british history/gladstone
governmentpolitics/carolina colonist refusing pay taxes 1700s
Carolina colonist refusing to pay taxes, 1700s
british history/opening parliament 1886
Opening of Parliament, 1886
black history/passage 13th amendment ending slavery 1865
Passage of the 13th Amendment ending slavery, 1865
governmentpolitics/thomas nast cartoon boss tweed corruption
Thomas Nast cartoon about Boss Tweed corruption
governmentpolitics/cartoon protesting jeffersons trade embargo
Cartoon protesting Jefferson's trade embargo, 1807
ancient history/roman lictor bearing fasces
Roman lictor bearing the fasces
governmentpolitics/labor strike late 1800s
Labor strike, late 1800s
governmentpolitics/evrv2a 00083
governmentpolitics/judge courtroom middle ages
Judge and courtroom in the Middle Ages
governmentpolitics/psoc2a 00040
governmentpolitics/john marshall
John Marshall
governmentpolitics/supreme court courtroom 1890s
US Supreme Court courtroom, 1890s
governmentpolitics/colonial town meeting
Colonial town meeting
governmentpolitics/senate session late 1800s
US Senate in session, late 1800s
governmentpolitics/star route scandal cartoon 1881
Star Route scandal cartoon, 1881
governmentpolitics/republican party birthplace ripon wisconsin
Republican Party birthplace, Ripon, Wisconsin
british history/king john endorsing magna carta 1215
King John endorsing the Magna Carta, 1215
black history/cartoon literacy tests south 1870s
Cartoon about literacy tests in the South, 1870s
american history/compromise 1850 debate senate
Compromise of 1850 debate in the US Senate
governmentpolitics/electoral vote gives rutherford hayes presidency
Electoral vote gives Rutherford Hayes the presidency in 1877
governmentpolitics/cuba market goods 1903
Cuba becoming a market for US goods, 1903
governmentpolitics/meeting new postmistress early 1900s
Meeting the new postmistress, early 1900s
governmentpolitics/william henry harrison campaign rally 1840
William Henry Harrison campaign rally, 1840
governmentpolitics/busn2a 00203
governmentpolitics/part2a 00045
governmentpolitics/ppre2a 00008
governmentpolitics/ppre2a 00010
governmentpolitics/ppre2a 00011
governmentpolitics/ppre2a 00060
governmentpolitics/ppre2a 00091
governmentpolitics/ppre2a 00147
governmentpolitics/cartoon benjamin harrisons presidential candidacy
Cartoon of Benjamin Harrison's presidential candidacy
governmentpolitics/prev2a 00052
governmentpolitics/psup2a 00003
governmentpolitics/proy2a 00108
governmentpolitics/psup2a 00006
governmentpolitics/psup2a 00004
governmentpolitics/psup2a 00007
governmentpolitics/chief justice oliver ellsworth
Chief Justice Oliver Ellsworth
governmentpolitics/psup2a 00009
governmentpolitics/psup2a 00012
governmentpolitics/pusa2a 00062
governmentpolitics/psup2a 00013
governmentpolitics/pvpr2a 00009
governmentpolitics/pvpr2a 00004
governmentpolitics/pvpr2a 00010
governmentpolitics/pvpr2a 00011
governmentpolitics/suffragettes new york city 1911
Suffragettes in New York City, 1911
governmentpolitics/supreme court hearing mississippi injunction case
US Supreme Court hearing a Mississippi injunction case, 1867
governmentpolitics/blacks crushed prejudice violence emancipation
Blacks crushed by prejudice and violence after emancipation
governmentpolitics/pprt2a 00007
governmentpolitics/reconstruction upholding equal rights 1868
Reconstruction upholding equal rights, 1868
governmentpolitics/parade manhattan celebrating new constitution
Parade in Manhattan celebrating the new US Constitution
governmentpolitics/benjamin harrison nominated president chicago
Benjamin Harrison nominated for president in Chicago, 1888
governmentpolitics/credit mobilier cartoon grant administration
Credit Mobilier cartoon during the Grant Administration, 1873
governmentpolitics/judge lynch burning justice cartoon 1901
"Judge Lynch" burning justice, cartoon of 1901
governmentpolitics/congressmen fighting issue early 1800s
US Congressmen fighting over an issue, early 1800s
governmentpolitics/ratification resolution constitutional convention
Ratification resolution by the Constitutional Convention, 1787
governmentpolitics/signatures leaders constitutional convention
Signatures of leaders of the Constitutional Convention, 1787
governmentpolitics/james a gafield nominated president 1880
James A. Gafield nominated for president, 1880
governmentpolitics/election day campaigning 1870s
Election-day campaigning, 1870s
governmentpolitics/suffragettes new york city 1912
Suffragettes in New York City, 1912
governmentpolitics/progressive movement cartoon early 1900s
Progressive Movement cartoon, early 1900s
governmentpolitics/communist demonstration broken new york police
Communist demonstration broken up by New York police
governmentpolitics/us senate chamber 1890s
U.S. Senate chamber, 1890s
governmentpolitics/white house 1850s
White House in the 1850s
governmentpolitics/visitors arriving white house carriages 1870s
Visitors arriving at the White House in carriages, 1870s
governmentpolitics/white house reception 1850s
White House reception, 1850s
governmentpolitics/unfinished dome us capitol 1850s
Unfinished dome on the U.S. Capitol, 1850s
governmentpolitics/us patent office 1850s
U.S. Patent Office, 1850s
governmentpolitics/us treasury building washington dc 1850s
U.S. Treasury Building, Washington DC, 1850s
governmentpolitics/busy night us capitol 1885
Busy night at the U.S. Capitol, 1885
governmentpolitics/pennsylvania colonys seal
Pennsylvania colony's seal
governmentpolitics/afternoon concert us capitol grounds 1870s
Afternoon concert on the U.S. Capitol grounds, 1870s
governmentpolitics/election charleston south carolina 1701
Election in Charleston, South Carolina, 1701
canadian history/first independent canadian parliament session
First independent Canadian Parliament session, 1867
british history/magna carta preamble
Part of the Magna Carta preamble
british history/ggbr2a 00059
british history/house commons 1880s
House of Commons, 1880s
british history/ggbr2a 00042
british history/elizabethan lords halberdier
Elizabethan lords and a halberdier
black history/voting rights cut away black sampson 1868
Voting rights cut away from a black Sampson, 1868
black history/blacks south carolina legislature reconstruction
Blacks in South Carolina legislature under Reconstruction
ancient history/aeropagus debating ancient athens
Aeropagus debating in ancient Athens
american history/reconstruction committee meeting washington
Reconstruction Committee meeting in Washington
american history/constitutional convention 1787
Constitutional Convention, 1787