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New York City Gallery

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Thomas Nast cartoon about Boss Tweed corruption
South Street docks in New York City, 1870s
Brooklyn Bridge when newly opened, 1883
Busy Brooklyn Bridge the year it opened, 1883
New Amsterdam canal, 1600s
Abandoned baby found by police, New York City, 1890s
Police Commissioner Roosevelt and NY Governor Cleveland, 1884
Wall Streets Tontine Coffee House in the late 1700s
Immigrant waiting-room at Ellis Island, circa 1900
Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, 1883
Dutch colonists in early New Amsterdam
Manhattan map, 1780s
Manhattan map, 1789
New York City map, 1767
Erie Canal boats wintering in New York harbor
Erie Canal boats at their New York City dock
Traders outside the New York Stock Exchange, 1912
Colonial New York harbor, 1667
Strait jacket used on a mentally ill patient
Western Union office in New York City, 1870s
New York Ledger newspaper ad, late 1800s
Ellis Island, port of entry for European immigrants, 1903
Peter Stuyvesant in New Amsterdam
Quaker in New Amsterdam, 1600s
Italian immigrants tenement in New York City, 1870s
Peter Minuit buying Manhattan Island for a Dutch colony
New Amsterdam, mid-1600s
New Netherland surrendered to the English, 1664
Immigrant neighborhood in New York City, early 1900s
Jewish immigrants in New York City, 1890s
Brooklyn Ferry on the Manhattan shore, 1700s
Colonial seafarers in New York, 1700s
Posting Wall Street in New Amsterdam, 1600s
Dutch turning New Amsterdam over to the English, 1670s
Dutch settlers arriving in New Amsterdam
Crowds on Broadway, New York City, 1880s
Times Square at night, about 1900
Manhattan Island farm and shipyard, 1600s
Manhattan Island in the late 1700s
New York harbor, 1850s
Dutch West India Company warehouse in New Amsterdam
Standard Oil Company headquarters, New York City, 1880s
Labor strike, late 1800s

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Prints, Posters, Framed, Puzzles, Housewares, Cards, Fine Art, Metal, Canvas, Mounted, Gifts...

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