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Cotton loaded on steamboats by black slaves, New Orleans
Brandywine Creek industry, Delaware, 1800s
Cotton wharf in Charleston SC, 1870s
Cartoon protesting Jeffersons trade embargo, 1807
Stores on Wabash Avenue, Chicago, 1890s
Chicago street downtown in the 1890s
Chicago lumber wharves, 1880s
Downtown Chicago, 1850s
City of Chicago in 1860
New Orleans in 1718
Downton Boston shops, 1850s
Businss district of Portland, Oregon, late 1800s
Phoenician ship in the Mediterranean
Dutch galleons, 1600s
Ships entering the Mississippi River from the Gulf of Mexico, 1700s
Fishing boats unloading in London, 1800s
New England textile factory, 1800s
New York Ledger newspaper ad, late 1800s
New York harbor, 1850s
Dutch West India Company warehouse in New Amsterdam
Mississippi River flatboat
Santo Domingo, early 1700s
Havana as a Spanish colonial seaport
Opium Wars in China, 1800s
Printing the Gutenberg Bible, 1453
Ivory Soap ad, 1890s
Traders bartering in the Middle Ages
Vancouver Island shipyard, 1800s
Quincy Market in Boston, 1880s
Steamboat taking on cargo, Mississippi river, 1800s
Cotton bales on a river boat, 1800s
Shops in a medieval French town
Clergy collecting tax from medieval merchants
Making coins in the Middle Ages
Africans jumping from a slave ship, 1700s
Africans brought to Jamestown as slaves, 1600s
Slave auction in Virginia
Slave auction before the US Civil War
Alexandria, Egypt, in the 1500s
Tower of the Winds in Athens, ancient Greece
Ancient Sparta
Traders in ancient Israel
Murex shells
Murex shells
Marketplace of ancient Athens

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Prints, Posters, Framed, Puzzles, Housewares, Cards, Fine Art, Metal, Canvas, Mounted, Gifts...

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