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Black history

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american west/buffalo soldiers charging rescue
Buffalo soldiers charging to the rescue
africa history/gafr2a 00049
black history/black slave sugar plantation
Black slave on a sugar plantation
black history/captive africans slave ship off key west
Captive Africans on a slave-ship off Key West
black history/celebrating end slavery washington dc 1866
Celebrating the end of slavery in Washington DC, 1866
black history/passage 13th amendment ending slavery 1865
Passage of the 13th Amendment ending slavery, 1865
american history/pro slavery poster kansas 1850s
Pro-slavery poster in Kansas, 1850s
black history/slave auction new orleans
Slave auction in New Orleans
black history/slave catchers capturing fugitive slave
Slave catchers capturing a fugitive slave
black history/black family murdered kkk 1870s
Black family murdered by the KKK, 1870s
black history/africans brought jamestown slaves 1600s
Africans brought to Jamestown as slaves, 1600s
black history/black slave servant colonial new york
Black slave or servant in colonial New York
black history/slave auction virginia
Slave auction in Virginia
black history/agri2a 00014
black history/cotton gin use african american slaves south
Cotton gin in use by African-American slaves in the South
black history/cartoon literacy tests south 1870s
Cartoon about literacy tests in the South, 1870s
black history/agri2a 00055
black history/slave auction civil war
Slave auction before the US Civil War
american west/buffalo soldiers rough trail
Buffalo soldiers on a rough trail
africa history/africans taken canoe sold slaves
Africans taken by canoe to be sold as slaves
africa history/slave caravan africa
Slave caravan in Africa
africa history/african slave caravan march
African slave caravan on the march
black history/cotton bale loaded boat new orleans 1800s
Cotton bale loaded on a boat in New Orleans, 1800s
black history/cotton bales brought georgia market town 1880s
Cotton bales brought into a Georgia market town, 1880s
black history/afroamerican neighborhood cincinnati ohio 1880
Afroamerican neighborhood of Cincinnati, Ohio, 1880
black history/hset2a 00073
black history/slave ship diagram showing africans packed deck
Slave-ship diagram showing Africans packed on deck
black history/hset2a 00064
black history/black voters richmond virginia 1871
Black voters in Richmond, Virginia, 1871
black history/first black voters washington dc 1867
First black voters in Washington DC, 1867
black history/hset2a 00096
black history/wedding slaves south 1870s
Wedding of former slaves in the South, 1870s
black history/husg2a 00015
black history/husg2a 00009
black history/husg2a 00023
black history/husg2a 00021
black history/husg2a 00027
black history/husg2a 00026
black history/husg2a 00030
black history/husg2a 00016
black history/husg2a 00028
black history/husg2a 00022
black history/husg2a 00032
black history/senator blanche k bruce
Senator Blanche K. Bruce
black history/skidmore guard reunion new york city 1870s
Skidmore Guard reunion in New York City, 1870s
black history/husg2a 00033
black history/husg2a 00003
black history/husg2a 00034
black history/husg2a 00020
black history/husg2a 00046
black history/funeral black slave reconstruction era
Funeral of a former black slave, Reconstruction Era
black history/husg2a 00045
black history/black slave colonial new york
Black slave in colonial New York
black history/husg2a 00050
black history/africans jumping slave ship 1700s
Africans jumping from a slave ship, 1700s
black history/husg2a 00052
black history/emancipated slaves fleeing union held soil 1863
Emancipated slaves fleeing to Union-held soil, 1863
black history/slave cabins plantation
Slave cabins on a plantation
black history/mother baby slave cabin
Mother and baby in a slave cabin
black history/freed slaves escaping emancipation proclamation
Freed slaves escaping after the Emancipation Proclamation
black history/slave crossing ohio river escape south
Slave crossing the Ohio River to escape the South
black history/swedish slave ship bringing africans west indies
Swedish slave-ship bringing Africans to the West Indies, 1786
black history/slave cabin booker t washington born
Slave cabin where Booker T. Washington was born
black history/black stevedores st louis missouri 1890s
Black stevedores in St. Louis, Missouri, 1890s
black history/emancipation proclamation explained slaves
Emancipation Proclamation explained to former slaves in Louisiana
black history/freedmens school vicksburg mississippi 1866
Freedmen's school in Vicksburg, Mississippi, 1866
black history/pbla2a 00001
black history/interior slave cabin booker t washington born
Interior of slave cabin where Booker T. Washington was born
black history/pbla2a 00003
black history/freed slaves attending school charleston south
Freed slaves attending school in Charleston, South Carolina, 1866
black history/underground railroad account william
Underground Railroad account by William Still
black history/pbla2a 00005
black history/plantation slaves singing clapping
Plantation slaves singing and clapping
black history/tuskegee institute mechanical drawing class 1890s
Tuskegee Institute mechanical drawing class, 1890s
black history/frederick douglass
Frederick Douglass
black history/freedmen printing class hampton institute virginia
Freedmen in printing class at Hampton Institute, Virginia, 1870s
black history/georgetown maryland washington dc 1810
Georgetown, Maryland, now part of Washington DC, about 1810
black history/slave family colonial new york
Slave family in colonial New York
black history/pbla2a 00006
black history/hampton institute lecture hall 1870s
Hampton Institute lecture hall, 1870s
black history/pbla2a 00007
black history/woman urging slave escape
Woman urging a slave to escape
black history/pbla2a 00010
black history/tuskegee institute 1890s
Tuskegee Institute in the 1890s
black history/pbla2a 00009
black history/agri2a 00121
black history/pbla2a 00011
black history/pbla2a 00013
black history/slaves husking corn plantation
Slaves husking corn on a plantation
black history/pbla2a 00027
black history/slaves planning escape freedom
Slaves planning their escape to freedom
black history/pbla2a 00019
black history/boy keeping warm slave cabin
Boy keeping warm in a slave cabin
black history/pbla2d 00001
black history/runaways captured boston fugitive slave act
Runaways captured in Boston under the Fugitive Slave Act
black history/pbla2d 00007
black history/kkk murderers visit black familys cabin 1800s
KKK murderers visit a black family's cabin, 1800s
black history/pbla2d 00008
black history/slave ship hoisting sail 1800s
Slave-ship hoisting sail, 1800s


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