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american history/debating constitution 1787
Debating the US Constitution, 1787
american history/united states 1870s
United States in the 1870s
american history/mayflower passengers landing plymouth 1620
"Mayflower" passengers landing at Plymouth, 1620
american history/court record testimony salem witch trials 1692
Court record of testimony at the Salem witch trials, 1692
american history/siege alamo 1836
Siege of the Alamo, 1836
american history/united states civil war
United States during the Civil War
american history/expl2a 00164
american history/pro slavery poster kansas 1850s
Pro-slavery poster in Kansas, 1850s
american history/hset2a 00128
american history/hset2a 00054
american history/territorial acquisition 1800s
US territorial acquisition during the 1800s
american history/puritan prisoner pillory new england
Puritan prisoner in the pillory in New England
american history/puritans attempting leaving england early 1600s
Puritans attempting to leaving England, early 1600s
american history/plymouth colonists embarking mayflower voyage
Plymouth colonists embarking on the Mayflower voyage, 1620
american history/colonists building homes plymouth 1620s
Colonists building their homes at Plymouth, 1620s
american history/plymouth colonists church 1620s
Plymouth colonists in church, 1620s
american history/plymouth colonists building homes
Plymouth colonists building homes
american history/yamacraw indians meeting georgia colonists 1730s
Yamacraw Indians meeting Georgia colonists, 1730s
american history/barbary pirates threatening commander stephen
Barbary Pirates threatening US commander Stephen Decatur
american history/battle manila bay 1898
Battle of Manila Bay, 1898
american history/growth united states 1853
Growth of the United States to 1853
american history/western frontier early 1800s
Western US frontier, early 1800s
american history/pusa2d 00011
american history/massachusetts bay colony seal
Massachusetts Bay Colony seal
american history/chief massasoit pledges friendship plymouth
Chief Massasoit pledges friendship with Plymouth Pilgrims
american history/colonial courtroom puritan massachusetts 1600s
Colonial courtroom in Puritan Massachusetts, 1600s
american history/compromise 1850 debate senate
Compromise of 1850 debate in the US Senate
american history/walking purchase land claim colonial pennsylvania
Walking Purchase land claim in colonial Pennsylvania
american history/puritan stocks punishment massachusetts 1600s
Puritan in the stocks as punishment in Massachusetts, 1600s
american history/john archdale colonial governor carolinas
John Archdale, colonial governor in the Carolinas
american history/woman defendant puritan massachusetts court 1600s
Woman defendant in a Puritan Massachusetts court, 1600s
american history/colonists arriving roanoke island 1585
Colonists arriving on Roanoke Island, 1585
american history/psoc2a 00031
american history/erie canal schenedtady new york
Erie Canal at Schenedtady, New York
american history/puritans founding new haven connecticut
Puritans founding New Haven, Connecticut
american history/sir john wentworth
Sir John Wentworth
american history/russian emigrants usa 1800s
Russian emigrants to the USA, 1800s
american history/colonists new sweden
Colonists of New Sweden
american history/gift meat native americans plymouth colonists
Gift of meat from Native Americans to Plymouth colonists
american history/german settlers colonial georgia
German settlers in colonial Georgia
american history/mayflower passengers landing plymouth rock 1620
Mayflower passengers landing at Plymouth Rock, 1620
american history/moving artillery french indian war
Moving artillery in the French and Indian War
american history/united states 1825
United States in 1825
american history/northwest territory map
Northwest Territory map
american history/western frontier 1880s
Western frontier in the 1880s
american history/william georgia
William Few of Georgia
american history/james oglethorpe
James Oglethorpe
american history/new york colonial real estate document
New York colonial real estate document
american history/pusa2a 00004
american history/pusa2d 00005
american history/pusa2d 00006
american history/pusa2d 00007
american history/pusa2d 00008
american history/hannah duston
Hannah Duston
american history/pusa2d 00010
american history/pusa2d 00012
american history/arrival pilgrims plymouth 1620
Arrival of the Pilgrims in Plymouth, 1620
american history/pusa2d 00013
american history/massachusetts puritans removing cross english
Massachusetts Puritans removing the cross from the English flag
american history/pusa2d 00014
american history/hostilities pilgrims native americans 1621
Hostilities between Pilgrims and Native Americans, 1621
american history/pusa2d 00015
american history/manuscript bradfords history plimoth plantation
Manuscript of Bradford's History of Plimoth Plantation
american history/pusa2d 00016
american history/native americans battling plymouth colonists
Native Americans battling Plymouth colonists, 1620s
american history/revelry merrymount colonial massachusetts 1600s
Revelry at Merrymount in colonial Massachusetts, 1600s
american history/pusa2d 00017
american history/pusa2d 00018
american history/wife giles corey tried witchcraft salem
Wife of Giles Corey tried for witchcraft in Salem
american history/hannah duston captured indian raid
Hannah Duston captured in an Indian raid
american history/child accusing salem man witchcraft
Child accusing a Salem man of witchcraft
american history/hannah duston escaping indian captors
Hannah Duston escaping from Indian captors
american history/tituba spreading accusations witches salem
Tituba spreading accusations about witches in Salem
american history/pilgrims leaving delfthaven 1620
Pilgrims leaving Delfthaven, 1620
american history/hannah duston slaying indian captors
Hannah Duston slaying her Indian captors
american history/james oglethorpe
James Oglethorpe
american history/suspected witch arrested massachusetts colonists
Suspected witch arrested by Massachusetts colonists, 1600s
american history/william johnson portrait
William Johnson portrait
american history/salem witch hysteria 1690s
Salem witch hysteria, 1690s
american history/giles corey accused witchcraft salem
Giles Corey accused of witchcraft in Salem
american history/aaron burr leading conspirators ohio river
Aaron Burr leading conspirators on the Ohio River
american history/salem witchcraft trial 1692
Salem witchcraft trial, 1692
american history/red cross assistance victims johnstown flood
Red Cross assistance for victims of the Johnstown Flood, 1889
american history/johnstown flood 1889
Johnstown Flood of 1889
american history/wampanoags plymouth colonists pledge peace 1621
Wampanoags and Plymouth colonists pledge peace, 1621
american history/conemaugh river johnstown flood 1889
Conemaugh River after the Johnstown Flood, 1889
american history/pilgrim settlement plymouth massachusetts
Pilgrim settlement at Plymouth, Massachusetts
american history/broken dam caused johnstown flood 1889
Broken dam that caused the Johnstown Flood, 1889
american history/mayflower compact signed plymouth colonists 1620
Mayflower Compact signed by the Plymouth colonists, 1620
american history/plymouth colonists landing 1620
Plymouth colonists landing, 1620
american history/testimony salem witchcraft trials 1690s
Testimony at the Salem witchcraft trials, 1690s
american history/squanto befriends colonists plymouth 1620s
Squanto befriends the colonists at Plymouth, 1620s
american history/reconstruction committee meeting washington
Reconstruction Committee meeting in Washington
american history/massasoit visiting plymouth colonists
Massasoit visiting Plymouth colonists
american history/slaves washington dc early 1800s
Slaves in Washington DC, early 1800s
american history/arrival maryland colonists led leonard calvert
Arrival of Maryland colonists led by Leonard Calvert
american history/arrival governor carteret new jersey 1665
Arrival of Governor Carteret in New Jersey, 1665
american history/constitutional convention 1787
Constitutional Convention, 1787
american history/takes new mexico mexican american war
US takes New Mexico during the Mexican-American War


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