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mideast history/pbib2a 00072
#media dmcs-5882610
religion/supper jesus apostles
Last Supper of Jesus and the Apostles
#media dmcs-5885564
literature theater/book kells illustration st matthew
Book of Kells illustration of St. Matthew
#media dmcs-5881578
literature theater/lindisfarne gospels page
Lindisfarne Gospels page
#media dmcs-5881564
religion/william tyndale
William Tyndale
#media dmcs-5885434
religion/jesus calming storm sea galilee
Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee
#media dmcs-5885302
religion/witchcraft book cotton mather 1689
Witchcraft book by Cotton Mather, 1689
#media dmcs-5885278
religion/jesus emmaus
Jesus at Emmaus
#media dmcs-5884520
ancient history/jewish high priest levite ancient israel
Jewish high priest and Levite in ancient Israel
#media dmcs-5878130
religion/commandments delivered moses
Ten Commandments delivered by Moses
#media dmcs-5884416
religion/saint francis assisi statue
Saint Francis of Assisi statue
#media dmcs-5885538
religion/quaker worship service philadelphia 1800s
Quaker worship service in Philadelphia, 1800s
#media dmcs-5885492
religion/saint clare statue
Saint Clare statue
#media dmcs-5885482
british history/westminster abbey london
Westminster Abbey, London
#media dmcs-5879026
religion/pbib2a 00081
#media dmcs-5885576
religion/quaker women spinning church
Quaker women spinning in church
#media dmcs-5885512
religion/mormons cutting stone temple utah
Mormons cutting stone for their temple, Utah
#media dmcs-5885510
religion/shaker ceremony new lebanon new york 1870s
Shaker ceremony, New Lebanon, New York, 1870s
#media dmcs-5885494
religion/joseph smith translating book mormon
Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon
#media dmcs-5885402
religion/prel2a 00058
#media dmcs-5885396
religion/saint ignatius loyola
Saint Ignatius of Loyola
#media dmcs-5885390
religion/pexp2a 00059
#media dmcs-5885308
religion/pbib2a 00047
#media dmcs-5884546
religion/pbib2a 00041
#media dmcs-5884532
religion/saint francis assisi statue
Saint Francis of Assisi statue
#media dmcs-5885464
religion/ezekiel valley dry bones
Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones
#media dmcs-5885550
religion/john calvin
John Calvin
#media dmcs-5885376
religion/jonathan edwards
Jonathan Edwards
#media dmcs-5885348
ancient history/peter preaching house cornelius
Peter preaching in the house of Cornelius
#media dmcs-5878454
american history/plymouth colonists church 1620s
Plymouth colonists in church, 1620s
#media dmcs-5877884
religion/stephen stoned death 36 ad
Stephen stoned to death in 36 AD
#media dmcs-5885578
religion/jesus performs miracle loaves fishes
Jesus performs the miracle of loaves and fishes
#media dmcs-5885574
religion/crucifixion jesus
Crucifixion of Jesus
#media dmcs-5885548
religion/roman catholic pope 1500s 1600s
Roman Catholic Pope, 1500s - 1600s
#media dmcs-5885530
religion/medieval monk archbishop priest
Medieval monk, archbishop and priest
#media dmcs-5885528
religion/roman catholic bishop 1500s 1600s
Roman Catholic bishop, 1500s - 1600s
#media dmcs-5885526
religion/martin luther
Martin Luther
#media dmcs-5885490
religion/saint clare statue
Saint Clare statue
#media dmcs-5885480
religion/pope innocent iii
Pope Innocent III
#media dmcs-5885440
religion/elijah chariot
Elijah in a chariot of fire
#media dmcs-5885304
religion/pbib2a 00096
#media dmcs-5885284
religion/marriage mary joseph
Marriage of Mary and Joseph
#media dmcs-5884540
religion/jesus garden gethsemane
Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane
#media dmcs-5884530
religion/jesus performs first miracle wedding cana
Jesus performs his first miracle at the wedding at Cana
#media dmcs-5884524
religion/creation heaven earth
Creation of the heaven and earth
#media dmcs-5884498
mythlegend/pmyt2a 00078
#media dmcs-5883244
mythlegend/pmyt2a 00079
#media dmcs-5883234
mythlegend/pmyt2a 00081
#media dmcs-5883226
music art/church choir singing hymns
Church choir singing hymns
#media dmcs-5882939


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