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8 Dec 2011

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religion/jonathan edwards
Jonathan Edwards
shipssea history/cutaway view american warship
Cutaway view of an American warship
american history/debating constitution 1787
Debating the US Constitution, 1787
shipssea history/naval battle british french 1790s
Naval battle between the British and French, 1790s
shipssea history/carrack merchant ship late 1400s
Carrack, a merchant ship of the late 1400s
placeshistorical views/chicago worlds fair 1893
Chicago World's Fair, 1893
religion/william tyndale
William Tyndale
placeshistorical views/native hawaiian village kauai 1800s
Native Hawaiian village on Kauai, 1800s
placeshistorical views/delaware river waterfront philadelphia 1750s
Delaware River waterfront of Philadelphia, 1750s
american west/native american attack western stagecoach
Native American attack on a western stagecoach
shipssea history/sinking titanic
Sinking of the Titanic
religion/witchcraft book cotton mather 1689
Witchcraft book by Cotton Mather, 1689
literature theater/psoc2a 00005
shipssea history/spanish galleon sea
Spanish galleon at sea
shipssea history/french frigate 1700s
French frigate, 1700s
religion/quaker worship service philadelphia 1800s
Quaker worship service in Philadelphia, 1800s
maps/map hawaii 1870s
Map of Hawaii, 1870s
literature theater/georg wilhelm friedrich hegel digitally colored
fooddrink/drying salting fish colonial maine
Drying and salting fish in colonial Maine
american history/mayflower passengers landing plymouth 1620
"Mayflower" passengers landing at Plymouth, 1620
pioneers/mormons caught prairie blizzard en route utah
Mormons caught in a prairie blizzard en route to Utah
governmentpolitics/carolina colonist refusing pay taxes 1700s
Carolina colonist refusing to pay taxes, 1700s
literature theater/immanuel kant
Immanuel Kant
animalswildlife/great blue heron florida everglades
Great blue heron in the Florida Everglades
american history/court record testimony salem witch trials 1692
Court record of testimony at the Salem witch trials, 1692
american history/siege alamo 1836
Siege of the Alamo, 1836
placeshistorical views/st louis mississippi river 1870s
St. Louis on the Mississippi River, 1870s
shipssea history/dutch ships arctic 1600s
Dutch ships in the Arctic, 1600s
shipssea history/american yacht mohawk
American yacht "Mohawk"
trains automobiles/railroad land sale iowa minnesota
Railroad land for sale in Iowa and Minnesota
scienceinvention/uintathere extinct rhinocerus north america
Uintathere, an extinct rhinocerus of North America
religion/quaker women spinning church
Quaker women spinning in church
religion/mormons cutting stone temple utah
Mormons cutting stone for their temple, Utah
maps/plan washington dc 1793
Plan of Washington DC, 1793
french history/psci2a 00015
literature theater/nietzsche
india asia/merchant ship attacked chinese pirates
Merchant ship attacked by Chinese pirates
fooddrink/deacon giless distillery temperance cartoon
Deacon Giles's Distillery temperance cartoon, 1830s
scienceinvention/psci2a 00043
holidayscelebrations/centennial celebration independence hall 1876
Centennial celebration at Independence Hall, 1876
fashion/ad corsets 1890s
Ad for corsets, 1890s
businesscommerce/jacquard loom 1880s
Jacquard loom, 1880s
trains automobiles/workers cheering first train mountains california
Workers cheering the first train over the mountains from California
scienceinvention/african quagga extinct equine
African quagga, an extinct equine
religion/shaker ceremony new lebanon new york 1870s
Shaker ceremony, New Lebanon, New York, 1870s
religion/joseph smith translating book mormon
Joseph Smith translating the Book of Mormon
religion/prel2a 00058
religion/saint ignatius loyola
Saint Ignatius of Loyola
maps/virginia maryland settled 1738
Virginia and Maryland settled in 1738
literature theater/actors stage days shakespeare
Actors on stage in the days of Shakespeare
home life/kindergarten children playing game 1870s
Kindergarten children playing a game, 1870s
black history/captive africans slave ship off key west
Captive Africans on a slave-ship off Key West
black history/celebrating end slavery washington dc 1866
Celebrating the end of slavery in Washington DC, 1866
black history/passage 13th amendment ending slavery 1865
Passage of the 13th Amendment ending slavery, 1865
animalswildlife/chickens poultry
Chickens and other poultry
american history/pro slavery poster kansas 1850s
Pro-slavery poster in Kansas, 1850s
american west/missouri river near mandan north dakota
Missouri River near Mandan, North Dakota
placeshistorical views/colonial savannah georgia 1700s
Colonial Savannah, Georgia, 1700s
sportsrecreation/first ferris wheel chicago worlds fair 1893
First Ferris wheel, Chicago World's Fair, 1893
maps/erie canal route
Erie Canal route
literature theater/david hume
David Hume
american history/puritan prisoner pillory new england
Puritan prisoner in the pillory in New England
american west/bozeman trail bridger mountains montana
Bozeman Trail over the Bridger Mountains, Montana
placeshistorical views/department state army navy washington dc 1882
Department of State and the Army and Navy, Washington DC, 1882
placeshistorical views/library congress 1870s
Library of Congress, 1870s
placeshistorical views/downtown atlanta late 1800s
Downtown Atlanta in the late 1800s
placeshistorical views/washington dc capitol hill 1800
Washington DC from Capitol Hill in 1800
placeshistorical views/state capitol boise idaho late 1800s
State capitol in Boise, Idaho, late 1800s
placeshistorical views/fort dearborn chicago river 1812
Fort Dearborn on the Chicago River, 1812
placeshistorical views/terror people escaping chicago fire 1871
Terror of people escaping the Chicago Fire, 1871
placeshistorical views/white house treasury building 1890s
White House and Treasury Building, 1890s
placeshistorical views/chicagos state street 1890s
Chicago's State Street, 1890s
placeshistorical views/washington dc 1860
Washington DC about 1860
placeshistorical views/chicago street downtown 1890s
Chicago street downtown in the 1890s
placeshistorical views/union stockyards entrance chicago 1890s
Union Stockyards entrance, Chicago, 1890s
placeshistorical views/traditional hawaiian home 1800s
Traditional Hawaiian home, 1800s
placeshistorical views/fort dearborn site chicago
Fort Dearborn, on the site of Chicago
placeshistorical views/rome georgia mid 1800s
Rome, Georgia, in the mid-1800s
placeshistorical views/plymouth colony 1622
Plymouth Colony in 1622
placeshistorical views/downtown chicago 1850s
Downtown Chicago, 1850s
placeshistorical views/life boston massachusetts 1660s
Life in Boston, Massachusetts, 1660s
placeshistorical views/city chicago 1860
City of Chicago in 1860
placeshistorical views/nantucket fishing village 1800s
Nantucket fishing village in the 1800s
placeshistorical views/first colonists boston massachusetts 1630s
First colonists of Boston, Massachusetts, 1630s
placeshistorical views/puritans church boston 1630s
Puritans' church in Boston, 1630s
placeshistorical views/colonial trading post kent island maryland
Colonial trading post on Kent Island, Maryland
placeshistorical views/founding baltimore maryland
Founding of Baltimore, Maryland
shipssea history/steering sailing ship stormy seas
Steering a sailing-ship through stormy seas
shipssea history/colonial shipyard
Colonial shipyard
shipssea history/ship building new england 1800s
Ship-building in New England, 1800s
shipssea history/great eastern laying transatlantic telegraph
"Great Eastern" laying transatlantic telegraph cable
placeshistorical views/colonists arrival jamestown virginia 1607
Colonists arrival at Jamestown, Virginia, 1607
shipssea history/pilgrims ship mayflower sea 1620
Pilgrims' ship "Mayflower" at sea, 1620
sportsrecreation/medieval game chess
Medieval game of chess
sportsrecreation/baseball game 1880s
Baseball game in the 1880s
trains automobiles/buffalo killed train great plains
Buffalo killed from a train on the Great Plains
trains automobiles/transcontinental railroad workers attacked native
Transcontinental railroad workers attacked by Native Americans
trains automobiles/immigrants building transcontinental railroad
Immigrants building the transcontinental railroad
trains automobiles/dining car transcontinental railroad
Dining car on the transcontinental railroad


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