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european history/medieval europe start crusades
Medieval Europe at the start of the Crusades
european history/bay naples italy 1800s
Bay of Naples, Italy, 1800s
mythlegend/odin throne
Odin on his throne
french history/battle agincourt begin 1415
Battle of Agincourt about to begin, 1415
literature theater/jane austin
Jane Austin
music art/johannes brahms
Johannes Brahms
european history/seljuk turks defeated dorylaeum first crusade
Seljuk Turks defeated at Dorylaeum, First Crusade
music art/richard wagner
Richard Wagner
literature theater/lindisfarne gospels page
Lindisfarne Gospels page
scienceinvention/phrenological model personality traits
Phrenological model of personality traits
religion/supper jesus apostles
Last Supper of Jesus and the Apostles
scienceinvention/singer sewing machine ad 1890s
Singer sewing machine ad, 1890s
businesscommerce/medieval goldsmith work
Medieval goldsmith at work
military history/19th century gatling gun
19th-century Gatling gun
literature theater/robert burns character tam oshanter
Robert Burns' character Tam O'Shanter
literature theater/book kells illustration st matthew
Book of Kells illustration of St. Matthew
french history/louis xiv moliere having breakfast
Louis XIV and Moliere having breakfast
european history/medieval english shield designs
Medieval English shield designs
religion/jesus calming storm sea galilee
Jesus calming the storm on the Sea of Galilee
religion/jesus emmaus
Jesus at Emmaus
european history/busn2a 00135
british history/bakers trade late middle ages
Bakers at their trade in the late Middle Ages
scienceinvention/first use anesthesia surgery 1846
First use of anesthesia in surgery, 1846
mythlegend/witch black cat
Witch with her black cat
music art/pmus2c 00002
french history/french uniforms napoleonic wars
French uniforms during the Napoleonic Wars
literature theater/beowulf manuscript page
Beowulf manuscript page
literature theater/dr jekyll mr hyde
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
european history/jousting knights
Jousting knights
french history/evnt2a 00014
british history/tower london late middle ages
Tower of London in the late Middle Ages
british history/nottingham castle 1500s
Nottingham Castle in the 1500s
ancient history/death hector achilles trojan war
Death of Hector by Achilles during the Trojan War
scienceinvention/undersea exploration 16th century europe
Undersea exploration in 16th-century Europe
scienceinvention/chart early alphabets
Chart of some early alphabets
native americans/navajo sand paintings preserved tiles
Navajo sand paintings preserved on tiles
music art/franz liszt
Franz Liszt
french history/joan arc hearing save france
Joan of Arc hearing a call to save France
french history/french soldiers uniforms 1790s
French soldiers' uniforms, 1790s
literature theater/renaissance poet dante aligheri crowned laurel
french history/pinel releasing mental patients shackles france
Pinel releasing mental patients from shackles in France, 1796
european history/marco polo leaving venice 1300s
Marco Polo leaving Venice, 1300s
european history/medieval dining room
Medieval dining room
european history/medieval battle scene
Medieval battle scene
european history/knights medieval germany
Knights of medieval Germany
european history/medieval castle
Medieval castle
farmingagriculture/sugar beet
Sugar beet
european history/battle blenheim war spanish succession
Battle of Blenheim, War of Spanish Succession
scienceinvention/telegraph poles following transcontinental
Telegraph poles following the transcontinental railroad
scienceinvention/dinosaur bones
Dinosaur bones
religion/commandments delivered moses
Ten Commandments delivered by Moses
military history/use arquebusse 16th century
Use of an arquebusse, 16th century
fashion/russian boyars 17th century
Russian boyars, 17th century
farmingagriculture/farmers making apple cider 1800s
Farmers making apple cider, 1800s
mythlegend/pmyt2a 00075
music art/schubert
music art/chopin profile
Chopin profile
music art/pianist franz liszt
Pianist Franz Liszt
music art/beethoven
french history/geur2a 00088
european history/enormous russian cannon 1800s
Enormous Russian cannon, 1800s
european history/longbowmen years war
Longbowmen during the Hundred Years' War
literature theater/edgar allen poe
Edgar Allen Poe
literature theater/plit2a 00106
literature theater/robert burns site tam oshanter tavern
Robert Burns' site Tam O'Shanter Tavern
literature theater/plit2c 00110
latin americacaribbean/gatl2a 00027
fashion/russian women finn
Russian women and a Finn
black history/black slave sugar plantation
Black slave on a sugar plantation
religion/pbib2a 00081
scienceinvention/royal society endorsement lens grinder 1600s
Royal Society endorsement of a lens-grinder, 1600s
religion/pbib2a 00047
religion/pbib2a 00041
native americans/nati2p 00066
music art/pmus2p 00014
music art/johann sebastian bach scenes life
Johann Sebastian Bach, with scenes from his life
literature theater/samuel johnson
Samuel Johnson
european history/cape verde islands atlantic ocean
Cape Verde Islands in the Atlantic Ocean
european history/crusaders entering constantinople
Crusaders entering Constantinople
farmingagriculture/agri2a 00064
european history/first crusade begun peter hermit 1095
First Crusade begun by Peter the Hermit, 1095
european history/peasant paying rent late middle ages
Peasant paying rent in the late Middle Ages
farmingagriculture/putting seed bonanza farm 1800s
Putting in seed on a bonanza farm, 1800s
fooddrink/busn2a 00011
european history/garden irrigation 1500s
Garden irrigation in the 1500s
british history/pusa2a 00060
literature theater/robert burns character tam oshanter
Robert Burns' character Tam O'Shanter
shipssea history/document commissioning john paul jones navy
Document commissioning John Paul Jones as a US Navy captain
military history/navy captain william bainbridge
US Navy Captain William Bainbridge
religion/ezekiel valley dry bones
Ezekiel in the valley of dry bones
religion/crucifixion jesus
Crucifixion of Jesus
religion/strength samson
Strength of Samson
religion/elijah chariot
Elijah in a chariot of fire
religion/creation heaven earth
Creation of the heaven and earth
mythlegend/pmyt2a 00078
mythlegend/statue athena
Statue of Athena
mythlegend/pmyt2a 00042
mythlegend/odysseus returns home
Odysseus returns home


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