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A walled town is a town that is surrounded by a wall for protection. These walls were usually built in the Middle Ages, when cities were often attacked by raiders and armies. The walls were designed to protect the citizens from these attacks and to keep out unwanted visitors.

Walled towns were usually built with thick stone walls and fortified gates. The walls were often topped with watchtowers and guardhouses, so that the town could be monitored and defended. Inside the walls, the streets were often narrow and winding, making it difficult for attackers to enter.

Walled towns were also often built with defensive features such as moats and drawbridges. These features made it even harder for attackers to enter the town. The walls also provided a sense of security for the citizens, as they felt safe and protected within the walls.

Today, many walled towns still exist, although they are no longer used for defensive purposes. Instead, they are popular tourist attractions, as they offer a glimpse into the past and provide a unique experience.

Walled towns are a reminder of the importance of defense and security in the past. They also provide a unique insight into the history of a town and its people.