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Recreation Gallery

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First Ferris wheel, Chicago Worlds Fair, 1893
Chicago Worlds Fair, 1893
Backyard carnival, 1800s
Yacht club in Newport, Rhode Island, 1880s
Tennis court romance, 1890s or early 1900s
Crowds at the Chicago worlds fair at night
Mountain climbers in the Alps, 1880s
Towing Erie Canal barges on the Hudson River
Young couple hiking on Mt Desert Island, Maine
Dutch skaters on the Zuider Zee, 1800s
Golfers in the 1890s
Baseball game in the 1880s
Horse race in the US, 1880s
Dancing the minuet, 1700s
Victorian era picnic
Boats on the Delaware River near New Castle, 1880s
Newport, Rhode Island, beach scene, 1870s
Hawaiians in the mid-1800s
A crowded Boston skating pond, 1800s
Medieval game of chess
Steeplechase riders in Britain, 1880s
Tourists hiking in the Colorado Rockies, 1870s
French colonists in Illinois
Colonial Virginians at a plantation ball
Dancing couple, early 1800s
A ball in Tuxedo, New York, circa 1900
Afternoon concert on the U.S. Capitol grounds, 1870s
Fourth of July centennial celebration in Philadelphia, 1876
Boys playing marbles, 1800s
Game of mumblety-peg, 1800s
Christmas singalong, 1860s
Winter fun in Victorian England
Homer reciting his epic poems to ancient Greeks
Colonial ballroom, 1700s
Family storyteller
A hay ride, 1800s
Alpine mountain-climbers, 1800s
Mountaineering in the Alps, 1800s
Netsilik Inuit entertainment
Tiger hunt in British India, 1800s
Royal barge on the Nile in ancient Egypt
Theatrical performance in ancient Athens
Shooting bison for sport, 1880s

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Prints, Posters, Framed, Puzzles, Housewares, Cards, Fine Art, Metal, Canvas, Mounted, Gifts...

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