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Prejudice Gallery

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Court record of testimony at the Salem witch trials, 1692
Colonial family banished from Puritan Massachusetts, 1600s
Testimony at the Salem witchcraft trials, 1690s
Reconstruction upholding equal rights, 1868
Mob burning abolitionist Elijah Lovejoys print-shop, Illinois, 1835
Judge Lynch burning justice, cartoon of 1901
Black family murdered by the KKK, 1870s
Cartoon about literacy tests in the South, 1870s
Tituba spreading accusations about witches in Salem
Giles Corey accused of witchcraft in Salem
Salem witchcraft trial, 1692
Quaker Mary Dyer taken to be hanged in Boston, 1660
Anti-Chinese mob in San Francisco, late 1800s
Witchcraft at Salem Village title page, 1692
Praying over a suspected witch in Salem, 1690s
Presidential candidate James Garfield defending former slaves
Blacks crushed by prejudice and violence after emancipation
St. Bartholomews Day Massacre, 1572
St. Bartholomews Day Massacre of French Huguenots, 1572
Jews assaulted in Kiev, 1880s
New York draft rioters murdering a black man, 1863
New York draft rioters burning a black orphanage, 1863
KKK murderers visit a black familys cabin, 1800s
Wife of Giles Corey tried for witchcraft in Salem
Child accusing a Salem man of witchcraft
Suspected witch arrested by Massachusetts colonists, 1600s
Salem witch hysteria, 1690s
Quakers executed in Puritan Massachusetts
Antislavery documents burned in South Carolina, 1830s
Witches Hill in Salem, Massachusetts
Salem witchcraft account, 1697
White men bringing cleanliness to native cultures, 1890s
Ku Klux Klan bill signed by President Grant, 1871
Voting rights cut away from a black Sampson, 1868
Louisiana statehouse captured by the White League, 1874

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Prints, Posters, Framed, Puzzles, Housewares, Cards, Fine Art, Metal, Canvas, Mounted, Gifts...

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