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European Gallery

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Map of ancient Rome
Bayeaux Tapestry portraying the Norman Conquest
Book of Kells illustration of St. Matthew
Scotland map, 1870s
Map of England, 1800s
Ancient Greece and its colonies around the Aegean
Ancient Greek empire
Medieval Europe at the start of the Crusades
Map of England in 1066
Battle of Cannae plan, 216 BC
Odin on his throne
Medieval Spain and Portugal map
Johannes Brahms
William of Orange at the Battle of the Boyne, 1668
Statue of Athena in the Parthenon of ancient Athens
Bay of Naples, Italy, 1800s
Ireland map, 1870s
British army advancing at the Battle of Waterloo, 1815
Ancient Athens
Medieval English shield designs
Lindisfarne Gospels page
Marco Polo leaving Venice, 1300s
Dionysus, or Bacchus, on his throne
Map of Europe under the Roman Empire
Battle of Agincourt about to begin, 1415
Map of Europe, 1870s
Oliver Cromwell at Edgehill, English Civil War
Map of the Roman Empire
Beowulf manuscript page
Coal mine in England, 1850s
Traditional provinces of Spain
Immanuel Kant
Immanuel Kant
Regions of Italy in the Roman Empire
John Calvin
John Calvin
Glass factory workers in Britain, 1800s
Richard Wagner
Actors on stage in the days of Shakespeare
Medieval goldsmith at work
Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian columns
Maps of Italy in ancient times
Franz Liszt
Franz Liszt
French uniforms during the Napoleonic Wars
Medieval castle
Caesar leading the Roman army across the Rubicon

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Prints, Puzzles, Posters, Framed, Housewares, Cards, Fine Art, Canvas, Metal, Mounted, Gifts...

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